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International Professional Training

In respect of client training, CSI possesses complete training resources and standardized training modes, which constitutes a series of systematic client training products and covers various areas of spacecraft design and applications, etc. Training plan can also be rapidly customized as per client’s specific requirements to satisfy client's special needs. CSI has undertaken training courses for international clients including Asia-Pacific Multilateral Cooperation Organization, Nigeria, Pakistan, Venezuela, Laos, Belarus, Algeria, etc., and won high confirmation and appreciation from higher leadership and many government organizations of other countries. International client training has added values to the satellite contract negotiations and played an important role for China Space to explore the international space market. After years of development, a system of training products has been formed with the following courses at the core: the Fundamentals of Satellite, Specialized Course on Satellite, Virtual Satellite Design, AIT Inspections and Practices, Satellite In-Orbit Operations, Satellite Applications, etc. 


Modules & Lectures

Basic Space Technology Training

This part covers all the necessary satellite basic knowledge. At the completion of the training, interns will have a general idea about the satellite basics which is very important for the further learning of specialties.

Satellites Subsystems Training

This module involves the explanation of different subsystems of communication or remote sensing satellite. It introduces the composition and the main function of the subsystem of the satellite. It also preliminarily explains how to design the subsystem. CAST experienced engineers would explain the details of the dedicated satellite subsystem based on the satellite contract signed with customers. This module is very useful for those who want to study or even work in satellite areas.

Virtual Satellite Design Training

Virtual satellite project is a useful method for satellite training. Many intern engineers collaboratively develop a training satellite project in Shenzhou Institute with a simulated contract as the original input. To accomplish the project, they have to take advantage of many modern technologies and well-organized management, with the supervision of veteran engineers. A consulting committee from different countries can be also arranged to offer advice and review the output documentation. The practice proves that virtual satellite training is much more effective in improving the independent capabilities of the trainees.


A training room for virtual satellite design project


Satellite Application Technology Training

This training module has two types. Type one is a short-term workshop, which usually lasts for 1 month, contains a general training on the application technology of different kinds of satellite, as well as some onsite visitings in satellite application technology companies and ground stations. Type two is a comprehensive training on satellite ground application system for a specific satellite (usually goes with a contract satellite), less than 3 months. It contains the design, construction, operation and maintenance details of certain GAS, with a part of onsite training in the customer’s ground station.


Satellite AIT On-site Guidance Training

Interns will be arranged to visit AIT hall, where they can get themselves familiar with all the necessary test procedures and methods of subsystem and system, and satellite assembly and integration, including calibration of test equipment, preparation of spacecraft and facilities, execution of different tests, preparation and review of test data and generation of test reports and so on.

Satellite Units Preliminary Training

The interns will be grouped into multi-disciplinary design teams to undertake some platform unit integrated design projects and payload unit integrated design projects. The selection of these projects shall be subject to agreement between customer and relevant authorities of contractor. At the completion of training, interns shall submit their product reports for review board composed of experts from both parties.

Electrical Satellite Training

This training is usually included in a large scale satellite technology transfer training contract. The contractor shall develop a engineering satellite model which is very close to the contracted satellite, while the purpose of the EM is to help the customer’s engineers to enhance the understanding of satellite platform and payload design, perform hands-on practice of satellite assembly, integration, testing, solar array deployment, antenna alignment etc, also to simulate the satellite in-orbit control and management through some real-time software. Due to the cost of EM, most customers may choose an action limited onsite training near the contracted satellite to achieve the same goal.

Satellite Operation Training

Trainees will be trained for System/Subsystem basic technology in the classroom first and switched to operation procedures training later. Satellite anomaly introduction will be given during the satellite operation procedure training. Usually, one engineer could concentrate on 1-3 subsystem operation. Since satellite operation could be complex due to different subsystems. In this part, contractor advice that one subsystem should be focused by at least 2 dedicated trainees, the other trainees could study as well, but not put emphasis on it. At completion of training, they will be capable of satellite in-orbit operation and management.

Satellite Subsystem Institutes On-site Training

This training will take interns to visit some specialized institutes according to the interested and agreements with customer. Interns will be guided and given some specialized technology knowledge and on-site operation so that they will have some real experience of satellite hand-on activity.

Satellite Design Center Operation Procedures & Disciplines Training

This module will be carried out based on the agreement between CAST and customer on satellite design center (SDC) project. Interns will be given the operation procedures and disciplines of SDC and know how to operate the SDC to design a satellite.

Satellite AIT Center Operation Procedures & Disciplines Training

This module will be carried out based on the agreement between CAST and customer on satellite AIT center (SAITC) project. Interns will be given the operation procedures and disciplines of SAITC and know how to operate the SAITC to design a satellite.

Some Lectures

  • Introduction to spacecraft engineering  

  • Space environmental simulation and test verification

  • Satellite software engineering

  • Satellite product assurance

  • Spacecraft project management

  • Satellite reliability and safety

  • Satellite manufacturing technology

  • Assembly and Integration of Spacecraft

  • Satellite propulsion technology

  • Satellite electrical test technology

  • Satellite Telemetry, tracking and command technology

  • Satellite orbital mechanics and maneuvers

  • Satellite attitude dynamics and control technology

  • Satellite thermal control technology

  • Satellite power technology

  • Satellite payload technology

  • Satellite structure and mechanism

  • etc.

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