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Shandong Aerospace Electro-technology Institute (SISET)

Founded in 1958, SISET (Shandong Institute of Space Electronic Technology) is located in the national high technology zone in Yantai city of Shandong province of China. It is a high technology aerospace scientific research institution, National High Tech Enterprises, National civilized unit, important research and development units of space electronic products.

SISET mainly engages in the technology research, equipment development and technology service of Space Information Systems and Integrated Electronics, TT&C and Communication, Power Electronics, Computer Applications, Unit assembly and Telemetry encryption and acquisition, Data processing of launch vehicle (upper stage). It has a complete chain of advanced technology tracking and demonstration, prototype development, product engineering realization and technology achievement transformation, and complete R&D, production and test system of space electronic products.

Over the past 60 years since its founding, SISET has participated in the development, launch, and test tasks of long range rockets, various satellites, manned space flight, and lunar exploration project of China. It is rated as “Outstanding contribution group of China Manned Space Project” and “outstanding contribution group of Beidou navigation project”. It has won more than 150 scientific and technological achievements awards, three of which are National Science Conference Award, three of which are Special prize of national science and Technology Progress Award, four of which are First prize of national science and Technology Progress Award. A total of 284 authorized patents were obtained.

In recent years, SISET has been following international advanced technology, focusing on localization requirements, pushing technical innovation, and has established the leading position in rapid response satellite product system and manufacturing technology, obtained the technology advantages in pulsar exploration, space high power source, interferometer radar, laser power beaming, image compression chip, mass storage, ad-hoc networking communication, missile borne phased array terminal of Load domain. It has formed technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, and established the technical leading position in related area.

SISET actively pushes the development of aerospace technology application industry. Intelligent building controlling, Hall sensors, Information software service platform have been industrialized, good economic and social benefits have been achieved. The projects of applications based on satellite high resolution data and remote sensing data are under industrialization promoting.

In the future, SISET will expand in size based on the space, micro-electronics, and space technology application industrial layout, making efforts to build SISET into a first-class conglomerate of space electronics in world.

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